Praise for Sync or Swim


“Thank you for your brilliant talent, and please know that you are my favorite group wrangle, personally and professionally.”

Chris Jargo
Sound Editor: Spectre.


“Thank you both for the great job on ‘A.D’ – it’s been a beast (particularly this lat episode) and we really appreciate all  your hard work.”

Tara Bhoola
Post-Production Co-ordinator: A.D. The Bible Continues.


“You’re a crack team … The dialogues and crowd ADR are both superb – really, really superb.”

Nick Murphy.
Director: The Last Kingdom.


“I told the Universal people that if you were in LA I would use you every single time.”

Chris Jargo
Sound Editor: Dracula Untold.



“It has been so lovely, as always, to work with you and Jay, and thanks for all the hard work you put into this one, not the easiest!”

Kate Stannard
Post-Production Supervisor: The Game.


“Just wanted to say thank you for all your help with the Olympus revoices and crowd … it was a job that ran smoothly! Thanks to you!”

Ben Tat
Sound Editor: Olympus.


“Just wanted to say  a BIG thank you! The Dialogue Editor was very impressed! He works on a lot of big shows so I am sure he will recommend Sync or Swim to his clients in future!”

Therese Caldwell
Post Production Supervisor: Ripper Street


“Thank you for all of your excellent work. It is not surprising that when we asked around about who to work with on Crowd, quite literally everyone we asked answered Sync or Swim.”

Irene Burns
Producer: Dracula


“We met with SKY the other night for a catch upon all things Dracula (with the Head of Drama and our Exec). One of the main positive notes to come back from our chat was their absolute pleasure at the sound design and the Crowd ADR work – they really noticed all the detail and were thrilled with how it sounded. I know this schedul has been slightly mental. Phoebe – your attendance in running and managing the Crowd ADR has been hugely appreciated. We really are very thankful to you all for the bucketloads of effort that have gone into the project so far.”

Kate Fernie
Post Production Supervisor: Dracula


“We used Sync or Swim on the major BBC series ‘The Musketeers’ and were really happy with the great work from all concerned. The recordings from the group sessions added some pure ‘sonic gold’ to the scenes they featured in. They substantially added to the palette available to us with which to create the right atmosphere and ‘flavour’ of the soundtrack to this fantastic series.”

Nigel Heath
Re-Recording Mixer: The Musketeers


“I would say the Friday British group was one of the best pulled together ever. Here, there, one of my BEST days ever. Please pass that on to all who were there.
Many many many thanks.”

Kerry Dean Williams.
ADR Editor: Robin Hood.


“I’d also like to thank you for such brilliantly run sessions with such versatile performers. So many voices from so few people. Well done!”

Many thanks.”

Lee Morris
Producer: Any Human Heart


“What a mad scramble that was!

However, all the arabic loop group is in the mixes, both English and Arabic versions, and everyone is happy with them.  It was great to work with you both again and I hope the future presents another opportunity.”

Fred Brennan
Sound Editor: Journey to Mecca


“In my experience Sync Or Swim have been great and really do go the ‘extra mile’ and so I would not hesitate to recommend them for other productions.

I have been hugely impressed by their work on ‘Downton Abbey’ and used them for that series after working with them on the upcoming film ‘Ironclad’ where I was merely the engineer and was not responsible for hiring them, I did however choose them for ‘Downton’ after witnessing them at work on the film. I really like the way they work; it relieves some of the load on the dialogue editor.”

Nigel Heath
Sound Re-recording: Mixer Downton Abbey


“I just wanted to pass along to you that we screened the mix of 407 for Michael Hirst and Showtime today.

I can only sum it all as saying that everyone is gobsmacked at the sound on this show. (including the soundmixers in LA).  I have to hand it to you and your merry band who along with Dale absolutely have made the battle scenes alive and concise in story telling. It’s not just a mush or grunting soldiers. It is a knock out!

My kudos and thanks to you.”

Bill Goddard
Producer: The Tudors.


“The response was fantastic! The reaction and comments from those here in Toronto, at Showtime, and Michael (Hirst), were incredible and paid tribute to the enormous talent and effort that went above and beyond on this one.”

Dale Sheldrake
ADR Editor: The Tudors


“I wanted to thank you for organising so well the London based ADR.

Everything was perfect thanks to you all.”

Jean-Yves Asselin
Executive Producer: Mr Nobody


“We are dialogue premixing on Mr Nobody now in Brussels with our rerecording mixer Lou Solakofski. So it reminds me that I didn’t ever thank you for all your work, securing good performers, directing them, and generally managing very well to get us good voices for our film.

I know it was a lot of work, and very confusing at times, so I thank you for managing to make it work so well, and with your cheery professionalism. We have not yet got to the Mars sections but they will be fun!”

Jane Tattersall, Tattersall Sound & Picture
Sound Editor: Mr Nobody



You need a website where I can sing your praises.

(I will not mention you can do 100 loops in 4 hours.)”

Dale Sheldrake
Sound Editor: Camelot


“Many thanks for all your help with Above Suspicion, especially sourcing our Mexican singer – Giovanna was great this morning and delivered just what we wanted!”

Hugh Warren
Producer: Above Suspicion


“Thanks for Tuesday. I was very, very impressed with your preparation and handling of the session and will definitely will be in touch re future projects. I’ve got a couple of really nice jobs coming up and I’ll be in touch nearer the time.”

Ian Wilkinson
Sound Editor: Fast Freddie


“It was wonderful to work with you and Jay again!  Per usual your team did an amazing job!”

Lori Waters
Post Production Supervisor: A Dangerous Method


“Well done Phoebe – many thanks for all your hard work – including your savings!”

Sheila FM
Producer: A Dangerous Method


“I’m in Toronto putting the group tracks in for the mix.   Terrific job.”

Tony Currie
Sound Editor: A Dangerous Method


“I’ve had more than one person – editor type persons – come up to me, say they’ve seen Defiance and comment on how great the group ADR is. Who the hell ever says the group is great? Even if it is.

Anyway, I figure this has much more to do with you than me so I’m passing the compliments in your direction.”

Kerry Dean Williams
Dialogue Editor: Defiance


“Once again Phoebe ….. great session yesterday!   I’d also forgotten how great it is to record with Ed and Glenn at Shepperton.”

Gillian Dodders, Sound 24
Dialogue Editor: The Invention of Lying