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  1. Jay
    Get in touch. Say Hello to Steven ( I was in his production of ON THE WATERFRONT) for me. Glad you are working. Back to UK from New York. Dont be a stranger. SDOUGLASX(at)gmail(dot)com
    Love Ya

  2. WOW, it’s September 2013 & I’ve been ‘listening to Foyle’s War’ whilst cooking, & heard a voice & it took me right back to watching How We Used to Live all those years ago, as the voice I heard was Anton, the GI who married Patricia 🙂 I googled & yes, sure enough it was Anton, who really is Jay Benedict!!!!!!!!! SDo pleased you’re still busy 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks Pippa! Yes, I’m still alive and kicking. Amazing, isn’t it?
      Loved making Foyle’s War and would have done more if they’d asked me to but once I’d blotted my copybook they sent me back to the States under a cloud never to return….And thanks for listening though…JAY

    • You’re very kind Tim sorry it’s taken so long for me to reply!!
      They’re still pumping FW out over here with no sign of it slowing down…Wish I got paid every time they showed it!
      All the very best,

  3. Dear Jay,

    I loved watching How We Used To Live 1936-1953 when I was at school, in which you played GI Anton Podemski. I have seen the whole series again recently and you played such a good part. The series was such a realistic wartime drama and I know the scene so well where your character has announced that one of the local girls has died in an air raid.

    I have often wondered where the family’s house was located – would it have been near Leeds? I have heard that the indoor scenes were actually shot in the house and not a studio.

    • Hi Matt,
      Yes, it was Yorkshire TV filmed back in 1981 and we did use the interiors of a house and not the studio for once much like Foyle’s War which is pretty much all on location!
      Great show and fond memories.Can’t remember the exact location of the house to be truthful but near Leeds for sure!

  4. Dear Jay
    I can’t tell you how impressed I am.Your website is a lesson for others to learn from.If only we had had the facilities in the 70’s and 80’s just imagine what that would have led to.World domination probably!
    You now have my e-mail address,perhaps you would furnish me with yours…..

    • Yup, it’s but we speak on Facebook too, don’t we?? You were a great agent and I’m sorry you’re not still in the business! Times have changed and I made the switch into ADR at a time when the advertizing world was on the brink of collapse. People blame Enn Reitel but it wasn’t his fault! He was simply telling the truth. The repeat fees WERE money for old rope and once the Execs woke up to that fact coupled with the banking/world crisis, as it quickly became, we were all out of a job!! ADR’s been great and fed me well

      Ooohh Matron..

  5. Hi Phoebe and Jay

    Wanted to catch up with you both about some ADR..

    Please can you send me your contact numbers.

    Hope this finds you both well.

    H xx

  6. Hello Jay,
    Yeah I had a thing for you, I have to agree with Sara here, you are handsome.
    Loved your acting skill in Aliens, (damn shame about the cutting until the special version).
    Hope you get paid for all the new versions coming out.
    Wish you all the best and hope to see you in other things soon.


    • Hi Talyn,
      Thank you for those kind comments. If I’d been paid for every time they showed Aliens-again the other night-I’d have retired long ago.Unfortunately I got ‘bought out’ in perpetuity something they do to all ‘day’ players in Hollywood.
      Come and see me in One Day at a Time in November if you’re in town.
      All the best to you,

  7. Hey Jay. How are you. Love your pics. SO handsome. How’s business. I’m thinking of getting back in the biz!! What do you think?? Much love xx

  8. Just watched the Capt. Kiefer episode of Foyle’s War (excellent, btw). Kept thinking, “I like him. Why does he look SO familiar?” Aha! The judge in the courtroom re-enactments for the NOVA documentary Judgement Day! Googled and found this site. Sweet, as my kids say :^)

  9. Hi there. I wonder if you could settle an argument.Is it Jay in the Actimel commercial in the snowy garden? I say it is and my mates say it isn’t.

  10. Filming the HOOVER DAM documentary was one of the best jobs I ever had. It was educational as well as finding myself on location in a place I’d never been to before. I’d visited the Grand Canyon with my Dad some 30 years earlier but the Dam itself truly is one of the great 7 industrial wonders of the world. The whole concept of re-routing the mighty Colorado river itself was pretty far seeing let alone carving 56ft diameter tunnels into the canyon walls in order to do so! The guy I portrayed, Frank Crowe, lost 30lbs in weight the moment he arrived out in the mid west. In 1930 there was no air conditioning and they wore 3 piece woollen suits. No wonder there were fatalities below the ground as well. Workers Unions were formed as a direct result, but they got the job done, in under 4 years, in a depression era not dissimilar to the one we’re going through right now! The programme also won various awards!!

  11. Okay Johnny. This was the deal with “Too Close” …

    I hadn’t sung a note since the National Theatre and that other great musical I was in back in ’85 – Jean. I auditioned and informed them of these facts, which didn’t deter them from hiring me straight away. Contrary to what you might think, the money offered wasn’t bad. Then they said “It’s going straight into the Comedy Theatre”, and that I’d love the songs once they were ready …

    I read a scene at the audition, which didn’t sound too bad, and sang something from Evita. My suspicions were roused however when the MD who was playing me in said,

    “That’s a nice song – where’s it from?”

    My agent then said it was a good offer in the current climate, considering the fact that I hadn’t been in the West End for 20 years and that there was nothing else going on, so I should accept their offer.

    Voilà! As simple as that, really. I really went into it hoping it would succeed. Very often in my business, you take things at face value.

    Sometimes, you get it wrong!!

    My knee is very slowly getting better. Nothing broken, thank God, but tendons and ligaments take a long time to mend especially at my age. I’m able to walk on it and bend it somewhat but still can’t stand for too long. My Osteo recommends some gentle cycling so when I get a moment I’ll start exercising again. Meanwhile my Company is picking up some interesting bits of ADR/Crowd revoicing and we’re waiting on our 22 animated features to come out of Canada – huge money transfer happening as we speak, so I’m back off to France some more R&R before getting down to some serious work this Autumn.

  12. Just seen that toxic anonymous message on the whatsonstage messageboard- & wanted to pitch in & declare a bit of solidarity- no matter what the rights & wrongs of it all theres no excuse for that sort of thing & it tells us a lot more about the person/people who posted it than it does about Mr Benedict. I hope the knee mends soon and i wish you well.

  13. Actors cannot be held responsible for book, music or lyrics of the works in which they appear, and so I’d like to exonerate you, Helen and the rest of the cast from the disaster which is ‘Too Close To My …’ (yes, I know what you called it).
    But on behalf of theatre-bloggers everywhere (or at least those of us poisonous bitches who like to skewer the West End), I’d love to know how an actor of your standing and experience was persuaded to do the piece?
    Were you shown a finished script and score? Surely, no one would have been enticed by that – or was it ‘sold’ to you in some outline and with some promise?
    It can’t have been the money.
    My fellow bloggeristas would be very grateful for your insight
    John Holt aka JohnnyFox of
    and also, although they aren’t aware of this email, by extension on behalf of my chums at

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